Hi. I'm James.
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I'm also ServiceNow certified and a general designer and programmer - both creatively and architecturally - with a keen eye for creating engaging UI, and bringing unique concepts to life.


Mobile Application


Dotal is an interactive mobile application built using Google's Flutter language. The application centres around the sharing and consumption of Anecdotes. I believe that sharing stories is the lifeblood of all communities and cultures. It represents humanities desire to teach and learn from each other. As the first application from the JABTech group, it was an exciting opportunity to engage with new technologies and deliver a unique product.

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It's not often that I have the opportunity to turnaround a sports club logo, especially one with time restrictions like this. Personally, I found this project to be the perfect blend of my interests; soccer and graphic design. Creating a design for the club that represented both the spirit of the name, whilst adhering to the values and nature of the club was challenging. However the client was extremely happy with the end result and as a result commissioned my help with their jersey design.

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The Lighthouse, a up-and-coming bar in Canberra, needed an illustration for a a new feature of their website that they needed a landing page for. We worked together to create an obvious graphic that suited the night-life and vibrant style of the establishment

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